Image Scientist


Dulles, VA; Washington, D.C. Metro


Secret, TS, and TS/SCI (or US citizens capable of obtaining a security clearance)


Northstrat is seeking scientifically focused practitioners of digital image processing/exploitation/algorithm development, imaging physics/phenomenology, and imaging systems. Image scientists are usually in the field of remote sensing but can also be in the fields of medical imaging and computer vision.

Required Skills


  • Understanding of the design and operation of the hardware and software associated with the sensor (camera)
  • Knowledgeable about the sensor optics, detector, electronics, and platform
  • Understanding the formation and pre-processing of an image, including calibration and correction. Experience in producing a recognizable “image” from the data that the sensor has collected


  • Understanding the interaction of light (electromagnetic energy) with matter, including interactions with the imaging system, atmosphere, target, and the nature of the illumination source
  • Translating what is physically happening in the scene, as captured by the sensor, and develops scientific explanations or theories to help exploit that observed physical phenomena


  • Experience in developing computer programs/tools to aid image scientists and analysts in extracting information from (exploiting) the imagery
  • Ability to write code that extracts a specific set of information which can then be used to solve a problem or complete a mission