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Our Culture, Commitment, and Collaboration

Explore the heart of Northstrat, where culture, dedication, and teamwork thrive.

Growth and

Founding Principles

Rooted in core values of customer commitment, proactive action, and excellence, Northstrat prioritizes loyalty and respect, shaping its culture and success.

Early Achievements

With a modest start on a seven-week subcontract, Northstrat quickly proved its mettle, expanding its reach and diversifying into various sectors.

Significant Expansion

Northstrat’s growth surged, doubling its size, enhancing its infrastructure with new headquarters and a SCIF, and securing pivotal contracts.

Employee Ownership and Commitment

As an employee-owned company, Northstrat fosters a shared dedication to ethical success, ensuring everyone’s investment in the company’s future.



In today’s federal government contracting, collaboration is key. Most programs encourage teaming for advanced, cost-effective solutions. Even when not explicitly encouraged, teaming often provides the best outcome. Northstrat values its relationships with companies and government organizations, seeing them as vital for comprehensive solutions. We’re committed to expanding partnerships to better serve our customers. Interested in working with Northstrat? Contact us today.


Northstrat is proud to serve many government agencies, including: