Olivia Diehl

Position: Director of Contracts

Olivia Diehl is Northstrat’s Director of Contracts, leading Contracts, Procurement, Subcontracts, Pricing, Proposal Management, and opportunity pipeline generation. Prior to Northstrat, Olivia served as contracts manager at several different large businesses. Her experience at a wholly owned subsidiary, that still functioned somewhat like a small business, gave her a taste of the small business culture and genuine care for employees that a small business can represent. These values, along with the dedication to excellence for the mission, are what attracted her to Northstrat.  

Olivia’s range of experience across companies of various sizes, provides a much-appreciated perspective on how to be compliant while also striving for efficiency, responsiveness, and customer and mission focus. She loves collaborating with our talented engineers and helping customers achieve their goals.

In addition to about 15 years of experience in contracts, Olivia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the College of William and Mary.

Outside of work, Olivia enjoys time with her husband, daughter, and goldendoodle. Recent weekends typically consist of walks around the neighborhood, parks, swim lessons for their daughter, and catching up with family and friends. They enjoy traveling to the beach or mountains and visiting family in nearby states.